Documents you need to take to your theory test

You need take your photocard driving licence to the test.


If you have an old-style paper licence, you must take your signed driving licence and a valid passport. No other form of photographic identification will be accepted.


If you don’t have a passport and only have a paper licence, before taking the test you must either:

  • update your paper licence to a photocard licence

  • get a passport


Your test won’t go ahead and you’ll lose your fee if you don’t bring the right documents to your test.

If you’ve lost your driving licence


You must apply for a replacement driving licence. This could take up to 15 days - you can rearrange your test if you need to.

Cancelled tests


You might be able to apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses if the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) cancels your test at short notice.

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